Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • New Middle Class in Emerging Markets: Special report in The Economist. “For the first time in history more than half the world is middle-class—thanks to rapid growth in emerging countries.”
  • What ails Entrepreneurship in India: An interesting persepective by Gaurav Mishra. “Let’s look at two inter-related demand-side issues that are holding back innovation in India — the low internet penetration in India and the (comparatively) low purchasing power of the Indian middle class.”
  • Tech Start-ups Failing: A report in The Wall Street Journal. Depressing reading. “Many start-ups survived last year by slashing costs and deferring development projects. But as demand for their products continues to deteriorate and funding dries up, these young firms are now running out of lifelines. Many are calling it quits, recalling the dot-com bust earlier this decade.”
  • The Secret to Success: Save Customers Money: “That is the advice from three venture capitalists who invest in the three major Silicon Valley sectors: information technology, health care technology and green technology.”
  • Why Small Payments Won’t Save Publishers: by Clay Shirky. “micropayments — small payments made by readers for individual articles or other pieces of a la carte content — won’t work for online journalism.”

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