Book Reco: The Choice

Eliyahu Goldratt is known for his Theory of Constraints. His latest book is “The Choice.” In it, he explains his fundamental system of beliefs (and to his daughter through a variety of business situations and conversations.

I read it fairly quickly once, and need to spend more time reading it again (and again). Chapter 2 was an eye-opening experience in thinking. That is the kind of thinking we all need to be applying to our organisations and work. (It is the kind of thinking that sets an Atanu Dey apart from the rest of us.)

Here is a review of the book by Dr Ted Hutchin. An excerpt from the review:

…People spend a great deal of time trying to develop and implement complex solutions that they know will not work, when a better way exists: using the effect-cause-effect relationships that exist in all organisations. It is these Effect-Cause-Effect relationships that determine every aspect of our lives and they are what Eli defines as “common sense”.

So it is now important to understand what Eli calls “inherent simplicity”, namely the application of a thinking process that allows us to delve into the causal relationships within problems to determine those few (and there may be only one) key areas upon which to focus. It is the discovery of common causes that leads to the understanding of inherent simplicity.

Highly recommended reading the book!

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