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This week’s reading:

  • Top 30 Innovations of Last 30 years: from Knowledge@Wharton.
  • Smart Roads, Smart Bridges, Smart Grids: from the Wall Street Journal. “If we are going to spend billions of dollars to fix our ailing infrastructure, let’s make sure we do it right. Here are the technologies to make that happen.” India can also learn a lot in using these emerging technologies.
  • Harvard’s Recruitment Process: from Business Week. “For the class of 2010, which will start in September, Harvard received a near-record 23,000 applications. Of these, it accepted a mere 2,100—or just 9%—ranking it as the nation’s most selective college.”
  • Why VC Returns Languish: by Will Price. “When you cut through all of this data, what you see is that VC’s portfolios have filled up with deals while there has been little liquidity.  With 1,930 companies funded but only 7 IPO’s (and another 300 M&A’s), you have a lot of overhang in the existing company portfolios.”
  • Study on Serial Entrepreneurs: An article on peHUB on an HBS study. “Successful entrepreneurs have a 34 percent chance of succeeding in the next venture-backed firm, compared with 23 percent who failed previously, and 22 percent chance for new venture-backed entrepreneurs.”

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