Letter to a 4-year-old (Part 2)

Dear Abhishek,

I also hope you will develop some nice and deep friendships – for that is what matters most. (Like you know from McQueen and Mater’s friendship in the “Cars” books and movie.) We’ve laid the foundation, now your teachers and friends will build on that. Their influence on you will, going ahead, probably be much more than ours. So, choose your friends with care.

Moving on to other fun things, what matters most to you now is “Cars.” Cars, the movie. Cars, the book. And all sorts of Cars toys from the movie. We’ve already got 11 of them (Mater x 2, McQueen x 2, Doc, Sally, Ramone, The King, Chick Hicks, Chuki and Fillmore). Unknown to you, I have a few more waiting for you in my cupboard – you almost discovered them recently! We ration these toys to you at one a week. You watch Cars the movie three times a week. You know every scene now. It has filled your life. You learn life through the characters in the movie and your questions on their relationships. And I must admit, I too like the movie!

Before that, it was Snakes. Snakes in books. I don’t remember how it started – I think we were reading one of those books on Natural Habitat, and of all the creatures in the book, you took a fancy to the snakes. After that, we built up one of the largest snakes book collections any three-and-a-half-year-old would have ever had! And to the utmost discomfort of your mother, snakes were the only discussion topic at home. Luckily, you didn’t want to get pets at home!

For a brief time, you had a love affair with the Planets – all 11 of them, including the 3 dwarf planets of Pluto, Ceres and Eris. We’d keep reading how the Sun looked so small from Neptune, how Venus had a killer atmosphere, and what the rings of Saturn were made up of. You never tired of reading the same books again and again – and again. You even knew when a sleepy me would skip a sentence!

(Continued tomorrow)

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