Letter to a 4-year-old (Part 3)

Dear Abhishek,

You are currently into car magazines, and especially have a fondness for Volkswagens. We even went the other day to their showroom to check the Jetta and Passat out. When we are out on the road, your eyes are constantly searching for VW cars. You go through car magazines identifying all the cars, and to the consternation of your Mom, even reeling out the number of stars the magazines have given the different cars.

While all this is going on in your life, you still need your Mom to get you to drink your milk and eat your food. Thankfully this year, you gave up on the straw for the milk. But you still cannot get yourself to sit at the dining table for your meals. Your morning milk comes to the bedroom, your breakfast and lunch is eaten watching TV (CBeebies from the BBC), and your dinner is eaten with your cousins (my sister’s kids – 7-year-old Siddharth and five-year-old Maya) roaming around the Hall. Fortunately you eat a wider variety of food than I do – I shudder to think what your Mom would have done had you been as fussy as me!

As has been since your birth, your Mom is everything for you. That one look from her is good enough to tell you how she is feeling and what you should be doing next. Your happiest moments are always with her – rolling in bed, fawning over her, jumping on her back, or just affectionately hugging her. She is also your taskmaster – you will do anything for that one hug from her. So, that keeps you in check! Though I have to say that she gives you all the freedom in the world as long as you stay within certain boundaries.

This is also the year you have learnt to be away from her. She goes to the office a couple of hours a day twice a week. You hang around at home – playing, sometimes sleeping, but managing without her. Of course, when you are over-sleepy as happens sometimes, the only person who can handle you is your Mom!

(Continued tomorrow)

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