Letter to a 4-year-old (Part 5)

Dear Abhishek,

Nowadays I don’t get to spend as much time with you as before  because of work and travel. I cherish the time when we are together. You are so full of questions – and now your questions  are deeper. I  answer every question you ask. But  of course, you then have more of them. It amazes me that you remember so many things without bothering to take notes (unlike me)!

We haven’t pushed you into anything. We’ve let you live your childhood on your own terms. And it should be that way for every kid. We let you discover the world, ask questions, get answers, ponder over them, and then ask  the same questions again! You then start putting things together, and making your own interpretations. Like, just the other day when you wanted to go to God’s House and not be born a Jain because you wanted to eat non-veg like your cousins do. But when you realised that you’d not have the same Mom, you changed your mind. For you, Mummy is Everything.

You don’t have a sibling, but there are plenty of kids around. At home, you play (and fight) a lot with Siddharth and Maya every day. Most Sundays, we go to your grandparents’ house where you play with Hriday, your uncle’s son. In fact, Hriday brings out the naughtiness in you. It is amazing to see what the two of you together are capable of doing!

There are times in meetings and at work where I feel like just leaving everything and coming home to you – and just letting you tell me what you want to do. You love bossing me around – and I let you do that. (You don’t try that with your Mom, though – you know what will happen!) The couple hours we get together in the morning and evening I let you decide what you want to do – reading, printing some car pictures, watching some videos, playing “Name Place Animal Thing”, going to a bookshop, car-watching at the petrol pump.

These are wonderful years for you – and for us. And I hope it stays like this. As you grow up and go into the big school, your friends and teachers are the ones who will guide you more. At home, your Mummy and I are always there for you.

Happy Birthday, Abhishek.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.