Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • Fix The [US] Grid: From Wired.  “We must fix the grid—reinvent it to be reliable, efficient, responsive, and smart.”
  • Why Business Needs to Get Social: From Forbes. “Social technologies are reshaping the way business is conducted.”
  • India’s Jumbo Election: From The Economist. “In 543 constituencies, 4,617 candidates, representing some 300 parties, will compete for the ballots of an electorate of 714m eligible voters. In 828,804 polling stations, 1,368,430 simple, robust and apparently tamper-proof electronic voting machines will be deployed. It is hard not to be impressed by the process—and its resilience.”
  • Health Care and Technology: A special report in The Economist. “The convergence of biology and engineering is turning health care into an information industry. That will be disruptive, but also hugely beneficial to patients.”
  • Future of Social Payment Platforms: by Jeremy Liew. “The future is bright for these platforms, but there are some clouds on the horizon.”

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