Sunday was spent at Tikuji-ni-wadi. I remember seeing their somewhat tacky ads long ago when cable was still there at home (it is now Tata Sky). There were 8 adults in our group and 5 kids (ages 3.5 to 5.5 years). And I have to say I was quite impressed with what they have done. Not quite a Disneyland by any stretch of imagination, but it is still a nice play where kids (and grown-ups) can have a good time within a 45-minute driving distance from Mumbai.

Abhishek loved the water stuff. We were there early enough so it wasn’t too crowded. By noon, it was almost impossible to move around in the pool. (I stayed out of the water.)  Post lunch, I stretched out on one of the zillions of cots lying around and went to sleep under a tree. The kids played some cricket and then went to Kiddie World for rides and more fun.

All in all, a good day. Highly recommended, as long as one goes with reasonable  expectations.

A couple other observations for the day:

  • Lying down on the cot brought back a memory from childhood days — when some of the summer and Diwali vacations were spent in Rajasthan, and we used to sleep on just such a char-pai.
  • Driving on all the highways around Mumbai on both the Western and Eastern Express  highways was an absolute delight.

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