NetCore: A Brief History

I have been running NetCore Solutions for more than a decade. For the period from 2000 to early 2005, it was a place where I could experiment with new ideas (Thin Client-Thick Server as a software solution, Visual Biz-ic as building blocks for enterprise software, Pragatee as an all-in-one business server for small businesses, Digital Dashboard, BlogStreet, RSS Aggregator).

I did not spend much time focusing directly on the business that we then had – Linux-based mailing solutions for small- and medium-sized enterprises. As a result, we did not grow much during those five years, even though we tried out many different ideas.

Things changed somewhere around April 2005. We focused on mailing growth with product enhancements and extensions, and also started working on ideas in the mobile space. It was in late 2006 that we launched the MyToday SMS subscription service. From then on, both the mailing and mobility groups within NetCore have grown well.

In the next three posts, I will detail what we do, and what we would like to do going forward. I believe that we now have a strong foundation to build upon. The slow growth in the first part of this decade is now behind us, and there is a strong focus on a limited set of areas with great potential going forward.

The NetCore of today has a staff of about 160 working in three business areas: Enterprise Messaging Services in mailing and mobility, Mobile Media and Marketing and a new business that we call Digital Services Operator. Together, they create the foundation for multi-monetisation: ABC (Advertiser, Business, Consumer) pays.

Tomorrow: Enterprise Tech Services

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Rajesh Jain

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