Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • Clay Shirky Speech:  On the future of accountability journalism in a world of declining newspapers. “We are headed into a long trough of decline in accountability journalism, because the old models are breaking faster than the new models can be put into place.”
  • US Net Neutrality Speech: by FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski. Ideas for India, perhaps?
  • Argentina’s wired city: from Global Post. “Buenos Aires has become a destination for IT companies, a place with Wi-Fi on every corner.”
  • The Death of Business Intelligence: from Forbes. “Multi-touch display screens with up-to-the-minute data should gain traction in the enterprise.”
  • Seducing a VC: from Forbes. Randy Komisar: “In my business, I look for the biggest problem because the amount of resources, time and money that go into solving a small problem is pretty comparable to the amount of resources that go into solving a big problem. Why not solve a big problem?”
  • Internet and Higher Education: by Atanu Dey. “India needs to move from just having a very small number of “high fidelity” schools (such as the IITs, IIMs etc) to having a very large number of “high convenience” schools — where there are no capacity constraints, and where anyone wanting to learn can do so without facing any credit constraints.”

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