US Trip: Internal Travel

I took four flights within the US on this trip: JetBlue from JFK to Dulles (Washington), United from Dulles to San Francisco, Air Tran from San Francisco to Atlanta (red eye), and finally Delta from Atlanta to Newark (New Jersey). Each one of the flights was absolutely on time, and the experience quite pleasant.I booked all the tickets in advance in India on the Net. I got good deals on all flights – most of the tickets cost on average about $150. All local travel in the US was in Economy, though I did upgrade myself to Business on the Air Tran Red Eye flight for an extra $100.

Even the US security process has been streamlined to make it much more efficient. In a couple places, the lines were long but moved quite fast. The longest I had to wait was about 25 minutes at JetBlue’s terminal in JFK.

All US airports are WiFi enabled, and so I used the time before departure productively. It costs about $7 an hour. Given that I had little other time to check mail because of the meetings, this came in quite handy. As I wrote last week, I also used the inflight WiFi on the Delta flight and that was quite an experience – browsing from 33,000 feet up!

I continue to use my Lenovo Ideapad S10 as my laptop, and that has worked out well. It is small and compact, and allowed me to be productive through travel’s free moments.

Tomorrow: Meeting People

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