US Trip: Meeting Friends

I have a few friends in the Bay Area, New Jersey and Atlanta whom I do try and meet on every trip that I make to the US. Since their India visits are much rarer than my US visits, it helps keep the friendship fresh. No amount of email and Facebook sharing can replace the warmth of human touch and proximity.Even though the meetings tend to be short (an hour or so if on a weekday, and longer if on weekends), they work as a great renewal process. We may have many ‘friends’ as the online term goes, but each of us has only a few friends that we can open our lives to and share secrets. In each of our busy lives, what has perhaps got sacrificed is the depth of some of our relationships. It is something I try and do my best to keep alive through face time during my US visits.

With one of my friends and his daughter (with my cousin as the fourth player), we played “Settlers of Catan.” It had to be the most fun-filled two hours I have had in recent times. My cousin decided that I should not win, and he did everything in his power to ensure that I didn’t! My friend’s daughter combined smarts, strategy and external assistance to win. Of course, I have vowed revenge.

In our busy lives, we don’t keep much time for things like Board or card games. I think we should. There is nothing more fun than to be vigorous in play with friends we love to bring out the best in us. Memories are made of these moments.

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