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This week’s links:

  • Economist Report on Emerging Market Telecom:  “The reason why mobile phones are so valuable to people in the poor world is that they are providing access to telecommunications for the very first time, rather than just being portable adjuncts to existing fixed-line phones, as in the rich world.”
  • Go East And Go Digital: That is the advice from Peter Chernin, former COO of News Corp. “There’s no question that in the next 25 years—pick a number—75 percent of the incremental growth of the global GDP is going to come from emerging markets. That’s where the people are, that’s where the unmet needs are, that’s where the flow of capital is going. And they’re not over-leveraged.”
  • From Birth, Engage Your Child With Talk: from the New York Times. ““Young children require time and one-on-one feedback as they struggle to formulate utterances in order to build their language and cognitive skills. The most basic skills are not being taught by example, and society is falling prey to the quick response that our computer generation has become accustomed to.”
  • Africa’s SMS Crisis – and how to stop it: by Joshua Goldstein. “The source of this sluggishness is the structure of African mobile phone networks, which discourage entrepreneurs from quickly and cheaply creating, testing and deploying applications.”
  • Let’s Kill the CPM: by Shelby Bonnie. “The CPM has done more to stunt innovation and drag down quality products than any single thing on the Internet.”

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