US Trip: What I Missed

There was a time when I used to love travelling internationally. I needed little reason to travel, attend conferences, meet new people and see different places. As a result, I have been to many cities in the US, Asia and Europe – and filled three passports with visas and immigration stamps in the past decade.Over the past few years, after Abhishek’s birth, it has been different. Travelling abroad for many days doesn’t hold the same charm that it once did. So, I now only travel if I have to, and keep the trips as short as possible without compromising on the work that needs to be done. Most international trips now are about 7-10 days.

What I miss most when I travel now is Abhishek. We have gotten into such a nice routine every morning that is hard for me (and perhaps him) when it gets disrupted. He wakes up on weekdays at 6 am every morning, and till 7 am, we are together doing things. He decides what he wants to do – play one of the board games (Settlers of Catan, Monopoly, Ticket to Ride, Mastermind), or play with the train tracks (the Thomas wooden ones), read one of his books, or do some browsing on the computer (his current passion is for subway systems of the world). I give him bath him at 6:50 am, and then his mother takes over. He leaves for school at 7:15 am.

That hour in the morning is what I have grown to treasure. It is partly because it is just the two of us doing what we want, and it is also because by the time I got him in the evening around 7 or 7:15 pm, he is ready to sleep. It is that morning time that I miss most when I travel.

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