I will be going to Rajasthan for a few days. Bhavana and I have been making an annual pilgrimage for more than 12 years. (For various reasons, last year was the only one we missed.) Over a period of 3-4 days, we visit many temples. It is a welcome change from our Mumbai life. This year, Abhishek too will be old enough to start developing his own memories of these visits.

It is quite a relaxing trip even though the travel of hundreds of kilometres in a few days can get a little tiring. Over the years, I have seen the gradual improvement of the roads and the dramatic growth of the mobile network in the state. The social improvement in the lives of people has been a tad less visible.

This year, we are going and coming by train. (In previous years, we have taken flights on either one or both legs.) So, it should be an even slower pace! Al looking forward to a welcome change with no deadlines and long periods of timeless travel.

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Rajesh Jain

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