Hobby Ideas

One of the interesting stores to spend time is “Hobby Ideas.” It is billed as India’s first craft and hobby store. It is one chain concept that deserves to expand and be present in every neighbourhood to be accessible to a lot more people. It is also a concept that I think needs some creative promotion to get more people into the stores.

I had visited the store at Mahalaxmi in Mumbai after it was launched a few years ago. And then, I never went there for a long time. Recently, I paid another visit –I was looking for some stuff to do a “maglev train” project with Abhishek. (Had bought a do-it-yourself science project kit via Amazon becuase – you guessed it – it had a train in there!) As I walked through the store, I realised that there are so many activity ideas that Abhishek and I could do together. They also have workshops in the store which is good.

I think part of the problem in India is that we are not used to doing too many things with our hands. Stores like Hobby Ideas can hopefully change this!

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.