Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • Why the Great Indian Media Companies will Fail on the Internet:  by Abinash Tripathy (via Karthik). “Even the true Internet players from the early days of the Internet era in India like Rediff and Sify continue to underwhelm the market with poor product offerings and declining ad sales.”
  • Kindle: My Next Notebook? by Ryan McIntyre. “If I could simply take notes on my Kindle with a stylus, I’d be a happy man. I’d effectively have a composition book with an infinite number of pages, and, ideally, it would be backed up online and accessible on the web as well.” I echo the sentiments!
  • 5 new technologies that will change everything: from PC World (via Anish). USB 3.0, Video streaming over Wi-Fi, 3-D TV, ‘Augmented reality’ in mobile devices, HTML 5.
  • Figuring out what your company is all about: by Joel Spolsky. “Kathy taught me that if you can’t explain your mission in the form, “We help $TYPE_OF_PERSON be awesome at $THING,” you are not going to have passionate users. What’s your tagline? Can you fit it into that template?”
  • The Power of Less: from Forbes. “How doing less can produce better business results.”

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