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This week’s links:

  • Innovation in India: from the New York Times. “Many Indians are disappointed that the country has not quickly moved up to more ambitious and lucrative work from answering phones or writing software. Why, they worry, hasn’t India produced a Google or an Apple?”
  • How do Innovators think: from Harvard Business Review (via Atanu). “We’ve found that 15% of executives are deeply innovative, meaning they’ve invented a new product or started an innovative venture. But the problem is that even the most creative people are often careful about asking questions for fear of looking stupid, or because they know the organization won’t value it.”
  • The Price of Gold: by Egon von Greyerz (via Keith Hudson). “Gold is not going up. Instead gold is doing what it has always done, namely maintaining its value and purchasing power. What we are seeing currently is the total annihilation of paper money whether it is Dollars, Pounds or Euros etc.”
  • Apple’s Game Changer: from the NewYork Times. On Apps. “Thanks in large part to the iPhone, introduced in 2007, and the App Store, which opened its doors last year, smartphones have become the Swiss Army knives of the digital age.”
  • The Rise and Fall of MySpace: from Financial Times. A fascinating account.

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