Blog Past: Disruptive Bridges

I wrote this series seven years ago:

Imagine a New India. A million computing and communications centres, each with 10 or more computers connected to the Internet, dot the landscape, making them accessible to everyone across the country. Every Indian is computer-literate, and can email, browse the Internet and compose letters. Citizens can make bill payments, obtain ration cards, check land records, and do other interactions with the government easily and efficiently. Computers in small- and medium-sized companies make them real-time enterprises, ensuring instant updation of information and making them integral parts of global supply chains.

What separates the dream of a New India from the reality of today is the digital divide. It is this rubicon that we have to cross, this divide that we have to bridge. Even as we think of India, the same challenge is present in every other emerging market. There is an opportunity – one last opportunity – for them to use technology to leapfrog into the New World – provided we leverage existing and emerging information and communications technologies smartly.

This opportunity will come through leveraging disruptive innovations.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.