Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • Top 10 Mobile Apps of 2012: A look into the future.
  • How long can an unhappy India stay united? by Vijay Rana. “India’s warring politicians need to sit together to discuss these conflicting regional aspirations in a sensible and enlightened environment. We cannot continue to play political games of setting people against people, caste against caste and religion against the religion.”
  • Put down that Shovel! by Andy Kessler. “Forget old-fashioned infrastructure. Here are six government projects to foster a lasting economic recovery.” Ideas for the US, but that’s the kind of thinking we need for India also. 
  • The Year in Ideas: from The New York Times.
  • Ten ‘BreakOut!’ Business Ideas Of 2009: from Forbes. Among them: “Invisible speakers. Detergent-strength tap water. Landmine-sniffing rats. Instant whiteboards.”

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