Blog Past: 2009 Mobility Trends

I wrote this a year ago. I should probably do an analysis of what I got right and what I didn’t!

Here is a brief summary of my pick of the ten trends that will define the mobile space in India in 2009:

  1. Subscriber growth in India will continue, driven by rural expansion, entry of newer operators, 3G and cheaper handsets.
  2. Incumbent operators will face challenges (and opportunities) on four fronts: new operators, mobile number portability, 3G and MVNOs.
  3. Focus on Value-added Services and Data will increase in saturated, urban markets.
  4. Mobile VAS operators which build direct-to-consumer relationships will start emerging.
  5. Flat-rate Data Plans will accelerate the use of the Mobile Internet, Social Media and Rich Media.
  6. Operators and/or handset players will launch AppStores to drive usage, innovation and revenues.
  7. Mobile Payments and Commerce will come into vogue for microtransactions.
  8. Companies will create multi-faceted mobile presence to deepen customer relationships and drive permission-based interaction and engagement.
  9. The Mobile will emerge as the next advertising and marketing medium – and be seen as capable of not just mass reach but also allow a high degree of targeting.
  10. The 2009 general elections will be an inflection point in the usage of mobiles in many different ways.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.