Japan: Swagat

When travelling, one of my big challenges is always food. Jain food (vegetarian; no onion / garlic) is the norm. Even though I do carry some food with me, there is nothing like a good hot meal! I normally end up doing a heavy breakfast at the hotel, and then hope for one meal at an Indian restaurant. Experimentation on the food front is a strict No-No for me!

I found an Indian restaurant right opposite ANA Intercontinental in Tokyo. With a name like Swagat, I figured I could get them to make me some Jain food! Even during our previous Tokyo visit, Bhavana and I had found a few Indian restaurants and gotten them to make Jain dishes.

Swagat turned to be a revelation.  I ended up having one meal there for all the days that I was in Tokyo. The food was just like home-cooked food, and very filling. I also struck up a good conversation with the manager (Mr. Shetty, who has been in Tokyo for 17 years) through the days.

So, the food problem resolved itself – as it always does!

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.