Letter to a 5-year-old – Part 2

We took a bus (No. 63) home. Today was thus a special one for you – two bus rides! At home, we had a longish bath. You played around transferring water from a variety of bottles and cups – “experiments” as we call them.

Then, we read a few Thomas books. Your short attention span needed something more substantial. First, we played Housie. Then, we started Monopoly. We were playing it after quite some time. There was a time when every morning was Monopoly day. I think that is where you learnt to count!

Post-lunch, you wanted to do “Train Tracks.” We took our collection of wooden train tracks and assembled them together. You love train tracks. Through the Thomas books, you’ve now learnt to create your own imaginary worlds around these trains and tracks. I let you then play, and took  a short nap.

Later in the afternoon, we went off to Atria Mall. Some time in the Play Area, some time eating (popcorn, dosa, ice cream), running around – and then back. It was time for some more of the train tracks. Then, dinner. And finally, bed time at 8 pm. A full day together.

As you grow older, you are now becoming more independent. You have your own mind. I mostly let you decide what you want to do, and just play a supporting role. I think that works best for both of us.

Some Sundays are spent in Santa Cruz – where you play with your cousin, Hriday, and get time with Bhavana’s parents. With Hriday, you are a different person – full of mischief beyond comparison! The two of you are a handful for any of us! Once in a while, we will visit Granth bookshop in Juhu, and you will scan the children’s section searching for books on whatever is your current favourite. Last week, we bought a book on Subways.

Sunday is a day on which I cannot get enough of you, a day which only comes once in a week. Sundays makes up my memories of your childhood.

Continued tomorrow.

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