Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • What Will Be the Next Big Thing in the Mobile Space? by James Kendrick. “What I mean by usage driven is the NBT is going to come from creating a new way to do things that people want to do. That may come from online activities, or handling daily tasks or a combination of those.”
  • On Location-based Services: by Dave McClure. “Facebook wins LBS. unless Jobs has more smarts than hubris than i think, and Apple buys Facebook.”
  • Why the Congress must go: by Atanu Dey. “We have a choice: either we bury the Congress party or we bury India. One or the other will happen. Which one is what we have to decide.”
  • Review of Pranab Bardhan’s new book on India and China: by Nayan Chanda. “The march of India and China may owe less to globalisation; and may face some speedbreakers going ahead.”
  • Bihar’s Turnaround: from the New York Times. “Bihar’s turnaround illustrates how a handful of seemingly small changes can yield big results in India’s most impoverished and badly governed regions.”

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