Comments on NetCore’s Acquisition of Greynium

Here is some of the commentary on the Web:

Medianama:  “The acquisition has significant synergies for for Netcore, with Greynium’s online businesses complementing Netcore’s mobile business…The question some people are asking me: does OneIndia add ability to monetize to MyToday SMS? It does add significant content and newsgathering ability, alongwith classifieds as explained above: news updates via MyToday SMS would carry links to OneIndia’s mobile portals, and tags. It’s an interesting combination of an Internet, Mobile and Mobile Internet play, and adds inventory. But what of monetization, is the question?”

Afaqs:  “As the line between PC-Internet and mobile-Internet becomes blurry, the acquisition will help both the companies to reach out to their customers on both media. [NetCore CEO Abhijit] Saxena says, ‘As the functionalities converge, users are accessing the Internet and a whole lot of content and services – both audio and video – either on mobile or via the PC-Internet. There is a very thin line between these two streams and going forward, users will be swapping between the screens to access content. Through this acquisition, we want our clients to reach out to their audience irrespective of the platform.'”

WATBlog:  “This should be an interesting foray to follow. As earlier portals like Rediff had tried this by investing in a company like Vakow which later didn’t work out. It also probably points towards the fact that an only mobile play and monetization is finding it tough to grow and scale on its own and may require web integration to attract advertisers with a full suite of digital solutions.” Interview with BG Mahesh, CEO of Greynium:  “Local languages have grown tremendously in our country. The local flavour is important. When foreign media came to India they had to adopt to Hindi and now if a national media has to go local then it has to adopt regional language. Content is the only reason why any medium will be successful and we have complete faith that it is content only which will drive the success of web and mobile.”

VCCircle: “Following this buy, NetCore plans to create solutions that can be accessed simultaneously from mobile and internet. The company is also interested for acquisitions in the direct-to-consumer and direct-to-enterprises services space. “

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