Landmark Bookshop at Phoenix Mills in Mumbai

I visited the Landmark store on its opening day. It is massive — about 42,000 sq ft, which includes books, toys, gaming, and more. I checked their Children’s section, and they had a very large collection. I hope this leads to more book sales and reading — in India, a book selling 10,000 copies is considered a bestseller. We need to be doing 10X that.

Phoenix Mills (or High Street Phoenix as it likes to be called) has morphed amazingly over the past 5-odd years. There now is plenty of parking also. And there is Shangri-La Hotel coming up in the next few months. It may not look that big from the outside, but the scale becomes apparent as you walk around inside. There is a store for every income level and every category within.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.