Blog Past: Voting Day

I wrote this almost exactly a year ago:

There is a significant apathy that is there in urban India. It is a combination of the quality of candidates, the disenchantment with all political parties and a general distaste with all things political. There is a feeling that one’s vote will make absolutely no difference. This apathy is complemented by the cumbersome voter registration process. There are many I know who won’t be able to vote because their name is not on the electoral rolls.

Even while there needs to be a simplification of the voter registration process, we in urban India need to get past our apathy and start engaging with the political process. That is a small and necessary first step towards a multi-year effort reinventing India’s political process and governance. Participation, and not Abstention, is the Solution.

Middle India Frustration that leads to Apathy can also be converted into Action. That’s the opportunity to help change India’s political and policy future.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.