Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • NYT’s Nisenholtz on the importance of Engagement: “News web sites have, so far, achieved limited success because, in part, the rules of engagement are so different online.”
  • Very Personal Computing: edited by Jean-Louis Gassée. The center of financial gravity in the computing world—the Center of Money—has shifted. No longer directed at the PC, the money pump now gushes full blast at the smartphones market.
  • The Internet is Cyclical: by MG Siegler. “The web is currently transitioning from open systems dominating to closed systems taking over. Nowhere is this more evident than with Apple’s App Store, and Facebook…I’m certain that one day in a few years (or maybe less), we’ll be back to the so-called “open” web again. It has happened before.”
  • The Data-Driven Life: from the New York Times Sunday Magazine. “…Almost imperceptibly, numbers are infiltrating the last redoubts of the personal. Sleep, exercise, sex, food, mood, location, alertness, productivity, even spiritual well-being are being tracked and measured, shared and displayed.”
  • Economist Special Report on Television: “Television is adapting better to technological change than any other media business.”

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