Surat-Mumbai Train Ride

Since Shatabdi does not run on Sundays, we took the Inter-City back from Surat. The second-class (“D”) compartment ostensibly was a reservation only compartment. What “reservation” means is that you get to sit. That’s about it. The compartment was absolutely packed with as many standees as those sitting. It was almost impossible to move – even to go to the toilet. I guess if one wants “experience”, then one should travel in the Chair Car compartments!

The scary part was seeing people hanging from the door. One small mistake in their grip, and they’d probably end up falling from the fast-moving train.

India needs to invest more in its rail networks — higher-speed trains and more trains. But with Mamata Banerjee busy making plans to take over West Bengal, India’s Railways stay frozen in time.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.