The Rains have arrived in Mumbai!

So, finally, the rains have come. A little delayed (June 10 was what we had been told), but they are finally here. I hope we get plenty of rains this year after the poor show of last year. As a country, one would have thought we would have gotten serious about water harvesting after the drought of last year, but nothing seems to have changed. Water is going to be one of the biggest challenges we are going to face, but there seems to be little action on the steps needed to get the citizens to think about water conservation.

The good thing about the rains is that the heat has subsided significantly.  Each April and May seem to be hotter than the previous year. This year was no different. With more and more buildings coming up, the local effects add to the global warming impact, I guess.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.