Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • The coming rebirth of the desktop computer:  by Eric Knorr. “Google Apps and desktop virtualization foretell the reincarnation of the ‘desktop PC’ as a personal, virtual environment accessible anywhere.”
  • What’s wrong with America’s Right: from The Economist. “Too much anger and too few ideas.” There is a similar problem in India.
  • The Larger Struggle: by David Brooks. “A rivalry is growing between democratic capitalist and state capitalist systems.”
  • On the road with a Supersalesman: from Inc. “Grizz creates a vision and then carries people with him.”
  • Iteration and the Startup Path: by Will Price. “The journey opens up into an endless series of forks in the road, where each fork taken provides new context, learnings, and guidance.  Each fork provides both a new direction and momentum with which to carry the company and team on wards.”

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