Delhi Road Names

This is perhaps a seemingly trivial topic to bring up, but during one of my recent Delhi trips I could not help wonder about the roads named after the Mughal rulers of India. These were the conquerors of India, who subdued the local populace and ruled over them. We have given them pride of place in our history by naming some of the most important roads in our capital after them. We might as well name a few after the British governor-generals also.

As a society, we have somehow lost interest in our past. A respect for one’s history is very important – that is one of the things that can bind us together as a nation, and create a national identity. Our history books have become filled up dates and battles rather than talk about the country that once was. Without that deeper understanding for a glorious civilisation, it is hard for us to come together as a nation to face up to the various challenges that we need to face together as a nation.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.