The Economist: A Weekly Must-Read

One magazine (or, newspaper, as they prefer to call it) that should be a most-read is “The Economist.” It has an excellent collection of articles each week. The Rs 100 per week that the subscription costs is well worth the investment.

In a crowded space, The Economist has actually grown its subscriber base over the past few years — despite the challenges that Business Week, Time and Newsweek have faced.

What I like to read in The Economist – the Business section, India/Asia stories, scan the Science and Tech section (which is incidentally why I first subscribed to it as a student in the US 20+ years ago), and check the Books reviewed. The Tech Quarterly and the Special Surveys are something else to look forward to.  The Christmas double issue at the year-end always has some unique and off-beat stories. What I miss is the Crossword they used to have until many years ago.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.

2 thoughts on “The Economist: A Weekly Must-Read”

  1. completely agree, economist is way better than any publications that comes from other side of atlantic.
    disconnected comment, but when it comes to childrens channel on cable, cbeebies is far better than any of the junk that comes from north america. what further surprises me is how bbc is able to maintain such high quality inspite of no adverts. any idea what is the revenue source?

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