The Economist: A Weekly Must-Read

One magazine (or, newspaper, as they prefer to call it) that should be a most-read is “The Economist.” It has an excellent collection of articles each week. The Rs 100 per week that the subscription costs is well worth the investment.

In a crowded space, The Economist has actually grown its subscriber base over the past few years — despite the challenges that Business Week, Time and Newsweek have faced.

What I like to read in The Economist – the Business section, India/Asia stories, scan the Science and Tech section (which is incidentally why I first subscribed to it as a student in the US 20+ years ago), and check the Books reviewed. The Tech Quarterly and the Special Surveys are something else to look forward to.  The Christmas double issue at the year-end always has some unique and off-beat stories. What I miss is the Crossword they used to have until many years ago.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.