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This week’s links:

  • Mobile Megatrends 2010: from VisionMobile.
  • What is IBM’s Watson? from the New York Times Sunday Magazine. “For the last three years, I.B.M. scientists have been developing what they expect will be the world’s most advanced “question answering” machine, able to understand a question posed in everyday human elocution — “natural language,” as computer scientists call it — and respond with a precise, factual answer.”
  • Flight of the Desktops: by Farhad Manjoo in Slate.”Soon there will be no reason to have a big, boxy computer on your desk.”
  • Diversification: by Fred Wilson. ” If you want to make higher returns, you must take on higher risk. But you can mitigate that risk by diversification.”
  • Clogged Rail Lines slow India’s Development: from The New York Times. “Critics say the growth and modernization of Indian Railways has been hampered by government leaders more interested in winning elections and appeasing select constituents, rather than investing in the country’s long-term needs.” Among the things India urgently needs is a massive investment to upgrade its rail infrastructure.

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