Staff Exits

April-June is always a difficult period if you are managing a business. Performance reviews and appraisals invariably lead to exits of staff members, and there needs to be a scramble to not just manage for expansion but also for the vacancies being created. In India, now that the jobs market is hot again, departures are on the rise. And with that, it becomes harder for small- and mid-sized companies companies in the growth phase.

Through my 15+ years as an entrepreneur, I have always found the April-June period a difficult period, but then things tend to settle down.  I once told a friend that the difference between an entrepreneur and an employee is that for the entrepreneur, there is no exit route off the highway. Employees can always get off when the going becomes tough or new opportunities beckon, but not the entrepreneur.

I just wish at times that staff joining entrepreneurial start-ups/earl-stage companies shown the same grit and determination through the challenging times.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.