Given Abhishek’s fascination with Mumbai’s BEST buses, one of the games we have started to play is “bus-spotting.” The goal is to look for a bus and then be the first to state its two endpoints. Abhishek invariably wins at this game!

This game has made me realise the breadth and depth of the BEST bus network in the city.  In the next few years, I hope they also equip each bus with a GPS device and then can broadcast the expected time of arrival of the next bus to the bus stops. The route network itself could be made much more efficient – I see some routes with quite some overlap in buses. Many a time, there is also bunching of buses on the same route – that too could be streamlined with real-time availability of information.

Back to Abhishek and his bus-spotting. At home, he has 7-8 buses (toys) that he now runs on imaginary routes. All of this has already helped him have a better sense of Mumbai’s geography than his mom!

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Rajesh Jain

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