China Vacation

This year’s vacation was in China – Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai. Our vacations are quite active ones – walking, seeing places, a bit of shopping, and meeting friends. Vacations tend to be short (10 days or less), since we get homesick!

We picked China’s three destinations because they were closer to home than say Europe or America. It had been many years since I visited Shanghai, so I was keen to see it again. There was a mix of the known (Hong Kong) and the unknown (Shenzhen and Shanghai). Singapore was out because we had been there two years ago.

For me, the vacation was also about spending time with Abhishek. I don’t get much time on weekdays, and a nice extended period of time with just us was what I was looking forward to. As it turned out, that for me was the best part of the vacation.

Tomorrow: Hong Kong

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