Conference – Really being there

I am glad that I decided to actually go for the Gov 2.0 conference. I could have sat a few weeks later and watched the videos, but it wouldn’t have been the same thing.

Being at the conference is an Immersion Experience – which videos on the Net cannot replicate. For the two days and 50-odd sessions, my attention was focused on the event. And as I listened to speaker and speaker, ideas started forming. Which doesn’t necessarily happen in short bursts of time. It is the same point about the need for chunky time to think deeply about a topic.

Sitting in the conference room at the Hyatt in Washington, I was far away from home and work, emails and SMSes. The only thing that mattered was what was being said and the thoughts that were being created in my mind with the inputs. That experience doesn’t happen by just watching videos.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.