Blog Past: Corruption in India

I wrote a 5-part series a year ago. From the first in the series:

Politics has become a way – and perhaps the only way in India today – to amass unimaginable wealth in the shortest possible of time. Of course, entry to the club is becoming increasingly difficult because politicians have realised that getting one or more of their offsprings into politics is the surest way of ensuring the ill-gotten wealth stays. The façade of ‘youth’ is being used to legitimise power and money procured by dubious means.

We, the voters of the country, are as much to blame. We don’t demand accountability. We keep voting back to power the same folks who keep ripping us off. And in all this, we stay a poor country – waiting forever for the date with destiny.

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  1. Enough of corruption and Politicians
    Corruption has grown rampant, these politicians are so busy in filling their pockets they don’t have a movement to stop and think that if they eat up our country like termites the day is not far where nothing will be left in the country. Corruption will one day reach its saturation point and just the thought of it scares me, There will no law and order left, whatever little trust or hope we have in politicians will be completely lost, as a byproduct of corruption Naxalites will pop up everywhere in the country and win the trust of citizens who would have lost hope in politicians and then imagine every day there will be blasts, shout outs and violence, Why are we heading towards this terrible future is this what we want to give out kids, why should we and our kids suffer because of these corrupt politicians and above it common man is made so helpless that he cannot get a single work done without paying corruption and then these smart politicians blame us saying we promote corruption, how shameless.
    Enough is enough time has come when we all stand together and start a movement against corruption, decades ago Mahatma Gandhi had started struggle to give us independent country and now after 63 years it is time we start a new struggle to give out kids corruption free country for their bright and peaceful future.
    Rather than keeping quiet and turning blind eye to what is going on around us, Do your bit by protesting against corruption in whatever form you can, tell your friends and family about politicians who are caught in corruption charges and persuade every one not to support them and express their rage against them in whatever form they can as I am doing my bit by writing this.

    Asif Patel, Belgaum

  2. Here is an example of how information technology, internet literacy and an enterprising citizen’s initiative came together to expose fraud in the local MNREGS public works at Porbandar, Gujarat. Here is an excerpt from this Indian Express article (15 Nov 2010) –\

    “A newly e-literate village paanwala’s obsession with Google has blown the lid off a unique NREGS scam in Porbandar. The motley bunch of beneficiaries include affluent NRIs, doctors, government officials, teachers and well-off farmers — all shown as unemployed village labourers holding NREGS job cards. So far, the money siphoned off comes to nearly Rs 1 crore.
    On paper, there are 963 NREGS job cardholders at Kotda village in Kutiyana taluka of Porbandar district. Records show they have been paid over Rs 95 lakh for their ‘labour’ over the last three years. In reality though, none of them have ever dug wells or built roads in their lives or actually received any money for the same under NREGS or otherwise.
    The scam came to light after Aslam Khokhar (37), a Class X drop-out and a paan shop owner in Kutiyana learnt how to use computers and searched NREGS on Google. “I was thrilled to find every detail of NREGS work in our area on the website. But I then came across the job card of a friend, who is a government employee. I searched and found there are doctors, teachers and NRIs I personally know in the village, listed as ‘labourers’ on the site,” said Khokar.”

    Incidentally, the MNREGS website is located at
    Links to the various states are located on this page. For each state, details regarding job cards and names of card holders can be obtained by going to that particular state’s webpage, clicking on the link under the section titled “Transparency and Accountability” and filling the district and Panchayat details.
    For example, details on Maharashtra state can be accessed here

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