The Deadly Arms Game – Part 3

Naturally, weapons manufacturers thrive in a world of armed conflict. They are not alone, though. Arms dealers also have a similar interest. After real estate, spectrum licences and mining rights, arms deals are an excellent way to siphon away massive amounts of money. Remember Bofors? It caught the headlines for a while but was only one of the few cases that came to light; most go unnoticed. Corruption and defence contracts are brothers in arms.

With India rolling in cash and too much of media scrutiny happening within the country, what better way is there to collect cash than to sign a few arms deals? All in the name of India’s security, something that is hard to argue against. This after America has given some wonderful live demonstrations of its technologies in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Not just the arms manufacturers and dealers, the politicians also find this arrangement very desirable. They get their cut. Most of this happens outside public gaze and deals are shielded from investigations for ostensibly national “security” reasons, and besides, it would be un-patriotic to question the need for yet another fleet of fighter planes costing $10 billion or so.

Continued tomorrow.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.