The Deadly Arms Game – Part 4

India needs massive investments in its infrastructure. We need billions of dollars for high-speed rail networks, for solar power research and development, for quality universal primary education, for dozens of new cities, for building our urban metros (without needing to wait for CWG-like events), high-speed ubiquitous broadband networks, and more. We need this to happen in a transparent manner that is free of corruption so we get the most for what we spend.

But there isn’t even a debate going on about this in the country. One Coal India issue galvanizes the stock market and everyone is on Cloud Nine. But that does not reflect the reality that we have dysfunctional governments with corrupt ministers and flawed policies that waste public money.

Until we have a leader with vision, we will continue to be distracted by “There are two Hindustans” and how urgently they need to be united. The truth is that dividing India into two factions with conflicting interests suits those in power quite well. They want to keep it that way so they get to play vote-bank politics and retain the power to rob the public.

Continued tomorrow.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.