Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • The Data Analytics Boom: from Forbes. “As interesting as the range of its application are the many converging reasons for the rise of interest in analytics.”
  • Economist special report on Smart Systems: “The real and the digital worlds are converging, bringing much greater efficiency and lots of new opportunities.”
  • India Rising: from Foreign Policy. “From the economy to Afghanistan to grand strategy, six looks at an emerging superpower.”
  • Rise of Tomorrow’s Middle Class: by Sanjeev Sanyal, about the new Middle India. “We need to change the way we think of slums and small towns – this is where the new middle class is being created.”
  • The Crossroads Nation: by David Brooks, about the USA in the future. “[The US].. is well situated to be the center of global networks and to nurture the right kinds of networks.”

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