The Deadly Arms Game – Part 5

Votebanks are exactly the reason why people in Urban India need to come together in an association like the United Voters of India. Unless we self-organise and force each of the political parties to realise that  the swing vote (and hence their victory or defeat) lies in our hands, Urban Middle India is going to suffer. Some of us may strike it lucky and build a cocoon of wealth to isolate ourselves. But for the majority, things are not going to improve.

When real estate prices become so high that it becomes well near impossible to buy a flat at reasonable prices, when water and electricity are not available 24×7, when the air we breathe is not clear and pure, when the roads we drive are potholed or constantly under repair, when the trains are packed beyond limits, when airport runways are shutdown during the day, when money earned by us is lavished on keeping people poor across the country – when all of this does not motivate us to act, then either we have really an incredible ability to withstand self-inflicted pain, or we are incredibly stupid.

It is time, and it is up to us now. There will be no second chances. If we don’t care about making our own lives better, at least we can do this for our own children. They have done nothing to deserve the future we are thrusting on them.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.