Mohan: The Strong Man (A Play in 5 Parts) – Part 5

5Note: A friend of mine sent me this. He doesn’t have a blog, and doesn’t want to be identified. It was too good not to publish. Of course, I have to add a few disclaimers. One, I support the BJP (“lighter shades of grey”) and am not a fan of the Congress. Second, all references to people you think you can identify are coincidental.

Mohan and Madam are sitting in the bathroom of the Mohan’s house. Rahu is playing with the Chair nearby.

Madam: Mohan, why are we meeting here?

Mohan: This is the only place in the country that is not being recorded.

Madam: Oh. You mean…? Even my…?

Mohan: Yes, MadamGG. Mere Pass Tapes Hai.

Madam: So, what is this I hear? You don’t want to leave the House?

Mohan: MadamGG, I need to Clean the House first. How can I give it just like that?

Madam: You told me the other day your Conscience was Clean. So, where did this need to Clean anything come up?

Mohan: MadamGG, that was Raja who said it. If you remember, I don’t have a Conscience. You took it from me in May 2004.

Madam: Ok, Ok. So how long will it take? And why didn’t you call the Cleaning Buckets of India?

Mohan: There is Evil in the House.

Madam: Mohan, you know what I have always told you. I see No Evil. I hear No Evil. I do No Evil.

Mohan: Yes, Gandhiji….Sorry, MadamGG.  (changes to a firm tone) But I will not leave till I Clean the House.

Rahu: Mom, Mom. What is this? He is back-answering you? How has be become so Strong? Has be been taking Complan? What will happen to my House? I will never be able to get married now.

Mohan: I am not going to leave till I Clean the House. And I am going to start with you. Out. Out.

Rahu (crying): My House, My Kingdom. Mom, you promised me? Hum lut gaye, hum barbaad ho gaye.

(Mohan pushes a stunned Madam and a bawling Rahu to the door.)


Mohan (facing the audience): I am not weak. I am strong. I am Strong. I am STRONG. I am a Strong MAN.

Mohan removes his jacket to reveal his T-shirt. Written on it are the letters: D-A-B-A-N-G-G

A song echoes in the background:
Barkha badnam hui Soni tere liye
Vir badnam hua Rahu tere liye
Sab badman hue Lakshmi tere liye.

And then another song reverberates in the background:
Hum honge kaamyaab ek din
Mohan main hai vishwas
poora hai vishwas
hum honge kaamyaab ek din.

(The curtain falls.)

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