Mohan: The Strong Man (A Play in 5 Parts) – Part 4

Note: A friend of mine sent me this. He doesn’t have a blog, and doesn’t want to be identified. It was too good not to publish. Of course, I have to add a few disclaimers. One, I support the BJP (“lighter shades of grey”) and am not a fan of the Congress. Second, all references to people you think you can identify are purely coincidental.

Mohan’s Secy comes running with the phone to Mohan.

Mohan Secy: Sir, it is Barkha calling.

Mohan: Stupid, haven’t I told you that it is BarkhaG? Madam will be so angry if she finds out what you call her.

Mohan (taking the phone): Yes, BarkhaG, what news do you have for me today?

Barkha: Mohan, The Time Has Come. He is Coming. He is Coming to claim his rightful place in the Sun.

Mohan: But they already have their Sun TV set and also some aeroplanes. Not to mention all that 2G money.

Barkha: Mohan, try and understand. The Messiah has Spoken.

Mohan: You mean, PranabDa?

Barkha: Mohan, listen to me carefully. The Saviour of the Masses is Here.

Mohan: But Antony was in the bathroom when I last checked on him on my new 3G Air-tell phone given to me by your friends at Radia-tion International.

Barkha: Enough, Mohan. Don’t play games with me. Here it is in simple language. Rahu is moving in.

Mohan: But…we are not renting the House.

Barkha: Mohan, you are moving out.

Mohan (a little shell-shocked): What? This cannot be happening to me. After all these years, The End comes just like that? Through an intermediary?

Mohan (regaining his calm): I am not weak. I am strong. I am Strong. I am STRONG. I am a Strong MAN.

Barkha: What are you parroting? Rahu ke pass Maa Hai.

Mohan (in a strong manly voice): Mere pass Tapes Hai.

Mohan hangs up.

Continued tomorrow.

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