2010-11: Looking Back, Looking Forward – Part 5

On the personal front, if there is one thing that permeated the year, it was my International Travel. I don’t think I have made more trips than I did this year. And I had not intended it to be like that!

The first trip was to Japan in January to better understand their mobile landscape. The second trip was in April to give a keynote at the Mobile Marketing Association event in Singapore. The third trip was a vacation in June-July in Hong Kong and China (Shenzhen and Shanghai). The fourth trip was in September to Washington to attend Gov 2.0. And finally, this Think Week Trip.

All the trips were nicely spaced out. All were about a week in length. These trips help me take some time off from daily work and help put things in perspective. They gave me time to think and read. They help me see new things and meet different people who can help augment mental models. For me, one of the best parts of the trip is always the long international flight. With no beeping phones and emails to worry about, one gets chunky time 10 kilometres above Earth that is hard to get in a gadget and interruption-filled world below!

So, that was about 2010. Now, on to 2011.

Continued next week.

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