Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • Opportunities in an Online India: My article in Mint, as part of their series on the Indian Internet.
  • Enterprise Tech Directions in 2011: from Fortune.”Social, the cloud, gamification — it all sounds like consumer-enterprise convergence. It’s not, exactly, but these trends are a sign that enterprise has some catching up to do after a year of massive evolution in consumer gadgets.”
  • Chinese and Indian Entrepreneurs are eating America’s Lunch: by Vivek Wadhwa in Foreign Policy. “Watch out, Silicon Valley: China and India aren’t just graduating bad engineers and stealing intellectual property anymore. They’re fostering innovations that will shake the world.”
  • Our Nation as a Startup: by Rajeev Mantri on WSJ.com. “Like a startup which has achieved a fit between product and market fit and is ready to scale up, India needs to continue providing its entrepreneurs with the space and environment to operate.”
  • This Year, Change Your Mind: by Oliver Sacks, in The New York Times.”Don’t leave learning to the young. Older brains can grow, too.”

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