Talking Airport Waiting Areas

This is what any few minutes at any airport in India sounds like. (Have someone read this out LOUD in your ears as you try and concentrate on doing any activity.)

“Announcing the departure of Jet Airways flight 9W 469 to Mumbai. All passengers are requested to proceed to gate number 5 for boarding.”

“Kingfisher regrets to announce a delay of its flight IT 136 to Hyderabad. The new departure time is expected to be 1830 hours, I repeat, 1830 hours. We are extremely sorry for this delay.”

“This is a paging announcement for Mr. Haresh Shah, repeat, Mr. Haresh Shah, travelling on flight 9W 469 to Mumbai. Mr Haresh Shah, you are requested to immediately proceed to gate 5 for boarding.”

“Announcing the departure of Jet Airways flight 9W 469 to Mumbai. All passengers are requested to proceed to gate number 5 for boarding.”

“Go Air flight G8 145 to Delhi is now ready for departure.  All passengers are requested to proceed to gate number 3 for boarding.”

“This is the last and final call, repeat, last and final call, for flight 9W 469, repeat 9W 469, to Mumbai.  All passengers are requested to proceed to gate number 5 for boarding.”

… and so on …

This string of announcements continues till the last aircraft has left for the day.

The Indians who travel by aircraft are presumably literate and can read. There are screens everywhere giving details on flight departures and their status.  Presumably, passengers who have paid for tickets to travel are also interested in getting on the flights. Can we therefore try silence?

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.

17 thoughts on “Talking Airport Waiting Areas”

  1. Yes, it does get irritating if you are trying to talk or think.
    On the other hand, not everyone is as methodical and focused as you !
    I see many people not even hearing their names being announced till the airline guys/gals come looking for them.
    In fact its happened to me also once. *sheepish grin*


  2. Your assumption about all the Indian passengers traveling by air being literate itself is incorrect. Air travel is more of a necessity these days than leisure. On an average 10-20 Muslim families (comprising of many ladies, illiterate) are seen on the airport every half hour every evening. Most of them traveling to Middle east. Most of them are illiterate, so the companies are quite justified in making all those announcements.
    Also, most of the travelers coming from outside Mumbai to catch the planes and old people/ children in-general are totally disorganized and get even more confused (and scared?) due to a large crowd at the airport. Such announcements are great help for these folks.


  3. I would say take a chill pill 😉 there are good days and there are bad days, may be you were at the airport at a not so good day and you found those announcements painful. But here’s another angel to it, the Aviation sector is at its peak now in India and is growing by each day. People who could have never thought of going beyond second class train berth are actually able to fly today! Whenever I’m traveling I see a lot of people who lack the reading skills are simply put are not educated enough; but they have the money to afford flying. Which includes my mother as well (she can’t read/write), those announcements made her fly all of her own from Delhi to Bangalore during and emergency (and it was her first time on a plane). Not to forget that now there are many first time flyers as well those who are not as well versed (as we’re) with the flying procedures, they need help at every stage from scanning till boarding (not to forget even at departing). Not that I’m trying to prove you wrong here but it’s just that those things are necessary keeping the majority in mind. (despite of know everything they still get on our nerves)

    Oh yes regarding the lifts, I do find it annoying but honestly some times we’ve so many things on our mind that even after the floor call we forget/miss the floor (not sure about you but though being younger to you it has happened with me a lot of times. I guess I should start taking Shilajit ;)..) a suggestion to that would be to slow down the volume so that it’s just loud enough for us to hear and not freak out 🙂


  4. Not Fair Rajesh, Just that we need to attend some calls on move, we stop thinking about the larger classes who have start using the airline services (thanks to deccan and similar ones).
    Infact not only them, i rememeber once such announcement save me from the guilt of missing a flight as I was in washroom with no visible screen!!!
    And not to forget, being in the VAS industry, promoting voice based services, we should acknowledge the fact that its still the most powerful medium for information disbursment 🙂


  5. I can definitely understand where you are coming from; I would probably be just as annoyed after a short time in an airport of this sort. Which is why I always have a distraction from all of this, whether it’s the announcements or just the wait I can always use my android phone to distract me. Ever since I got the Sling adapter from my job at DISH Network, my experience at the airport are definitely more bearable. With the Sling adapter, I can stream live and recorded TV to my android phone and other mobile devices everywhere I have 3G coverage or WiFi. Check out the Sling adapter at!


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