Hotel Ginger in Chennai

I had written about Ginger once when I stayed at their Whitefield (Bangalore) hotel a few years ago. I recently stayed at their new Chennai hotel at IIT-M’s Research Park, next to Tidel Park in Taramani.

The hotel is all on a single floor of the research park. The small rooms are completely functional and perfect for a night’s sleep, which is what most travelling executives end up doing. The price I paid (Rs 2,300) is double that of what I had paid in Bangalore, but still very affordable for an overnight stay.

Highly recommended!

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.

6 thoughts on “Hotel Ginger in Chennai”

  1. Great to hear that there is a Ginger in Chennai! When the concept was launched I thought their sticker price was Rs 1000/night. RS 2500 is still excelled for a clean safe place to sleep!

  2. Ginger belongs to Indian Hotels (Tata’s). So, I would expect them to be decent.

    However, Rs 2300/night is almost comparable to the prices in small town US 3*** hotels …

  3. Dear Rajesh,
    The rooms may be good but if you end up landing late its a sad experiace as there is no food facility to eat. I happend to be at this place a month back and as my flight was delay, I end up at hotel at 11:00 pm. To my surprise there was nothing to eat and call to nearby resturants were not helpful…
    rest all including the room rocks.

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