Supreme Court as Hero

It has been some time since I saw one of those movies where there are bad things happening and then in troops the hero and single-handedly hammers the bad guys. Seeing the Supreme Court in action reminds of that. A few months ago, there seemed little hope that we could tackle the issues of corruption and institutional decline. And then, of all the forgotten institutions, the Supreme Court steps in.

Some would argue that it is overstepping, but at this point in India, it doesn’t matter. We need someone to come and call Halt, and make the bad people pay.This cannot be the norm, but for now, the Supreme Court has done what all of us would probably have wanted, but few thought was possible.

At a broader, the legal system in India for the most part is about wait-and-waste, given the time it takes for the wheels of justice to move. Hopefully, we can also address that through the entire legal chain across the country.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.